Lovely illustration for my story "Other People's Gods" from Prospect Magazine

I've put a couple of stories here already of course, but some other places my short fiction has appeared:

'Dirty and Unclean' - A story about wedding feasts and a girl who really doesn't want to go out with the same old boring Jews was broadcast on Radio 4, and is sometimes repeated

'Internal Investigations' - A piece of proper sci-fi about a future where we augment our bodies was broadcast on the World Service and ought to be listenable-to here forever... I think.

'Other People's Gods' - which is the story that was shortlisted for the National Short Story Award is available in their anthology and was published in Prospect

'The Final Analysis' - an old story of mine, but a good one, about crazy psychoanalysis, was in the UEA anthology

'Rising' - the most chick-lit thing I've ever written, about recovering from a relationship breakup via baking, is in The Best Little Book Club In Town anthology

I keep thinking I should collect some of my stories into a book sometime, along with some that have never been published! But publishers tell me that no one buys short stories. Could this be a job for... Kickstarter? Watch this space, I guess.