La Mappa Misteriosa is a BBC-made mini drama, filmed in Italy and with Italian actors, designed to teach people Italian - along with the producer, the wonderful Joanna Quaye, I came up with the idea for the drama and wrote the scripts. 

This project was such fun to work on! We investigated what British people want to travel to Italy for - it turns out that mostly when people go to Italy they're very interested in the food! We decided to tell a story where you, the player, find a mysterious treasure map dating from the 1960s which will lead you on a recipe trail across Italy, searching out the finest ingredients and learning about a legendary recipe created by a celebrated chef. 

The drama is also a game, with tests to do to see if you've understood everything, resources for teachers, and points when the characters will turn to you the player and say "what shall we do next?" 

And for people interested in game storylines... there's even a branching ending.